1500 square foot Studio Space

My studio is located at 3500 Parkdale Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211 Suite 300

My kids

My kids

Big Sur

Big Sur

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In the Summer of 2012  I had the opportunity to shoot 30 portraits of the best skateboarders in the world. I showed the photography at a skate art show in baltimore. You can check the whole gallery here  http://www.rexsingleton.com/Skating/OC-Skate-Bungalow-Portraits/


The men of Chris Schafer Clothier located in Baltimore Maryland.

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Gary Smith has been skateboarding for 27 years. He turned pro at 24 then quit all sponsers at 34 and moved back to Baltimore to open VU skateboard shop. He has run VU for 10 years and has been a guiding force for skateboarding.


The Mayor

If you have been out to any events in the is city, you have seen Bow Tie bob. Bob is the unofficial mayor of Baltimore. 

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